Play is a way of communication

Play for Change

The NOLJA Festival

The NOLJA festival is first held in the hope to become a gateway to the culture of the play and game. The festival participants seek for the ways to communicate with their friends, neighbors and colleagues through diverse games and plays. Furthermore, while creating their own games, participants learn that entertainment is not something to consume only but something to create. The NOLJA Festival was first held in 2011, and has been held every year in several cultural venues of Seoul. Around 100 game designers consists of college students and office workers and around 500 Seoul citizens have participated in the festival.

Haja Center Career Week

In August 2014, 150 high school students enjoyed Haja Center Career Week. The students played NIMBY and TO BELONG, the games of NOLGONG that leads students to think about community and cooperation. Also the students in groups made their own unity mobile games for three days and each game is played by all students on the final day.

Unicef’s Children’s Rights to Play

Unicef’s campaign of Children’s Rights to Play is conducted for children and teenagers in their age of 7 to 19. They learn how to create games and plays and in the process of creating games, they learn the importance of communication and cooperation. They study to formulate rules that more can understand and accept and also to have a new perspective of finding possibilities of play in everyday objects. The ability to express and communicate improves through turning abstract ideas into the physical games.