Work like a play

Play at Work

Tinkering Academy

Tinkering Academy is a workshop to make plays with everyday objects, such as paper cups, hangers and whistles. Each team of players analyzes properties and functions of the objects and create activities by finding relationship among all chosen the objects. Collection of the activities becomes a play. A player experiences the process of creative thinking through shaping one’s ideas into actual behaviors.


MoMAK is a game played by managing the business as a whole in microcosm. The players learn the connection of each business division by running the whole company on the game board. The players have an opportunity to think beyond their segmented roles in a smaller division and have a bigger picture of the business.

Brand Value Promotion

Nolgong creates games for promoting brand values in a big business. The games aim to make the players be immersed in the game and experience the brand value through the immersion. Furthermore, the players become able to promote the brand values to other colleagues. Avoiding cramming education of brand values, Nolgong games assist the players to have self-directed and original interpretation of the brand values.

2014 Winter Global Youth Marketing Camp, Hyundai Motors

Global Youth Marketing Camp is a 4-day workshop for 46 selected college students from China, Russia and Korea. The students study the marketing cases of Hyundai Motors and suggest new marketing ideas. Nolgong created an expedition game that the students explore Seoul with the game installed in the smartphones in order to obtain marketing keywords of Hyundai Motors. The game was to promote the students’ concrete understanding and individualized experience of Hyundai Motors’ brand value.