Classic literature into a physical experience

Nolgong Classics

 1984 by George Orwell

Nolgong’s game 1984 starts at noon and finishes at night. The players follow the orders and keywords transmitted from walkie-talkies. The players have to link the keywords to one of the truth cards. The player who wins the most truth cards win the game.

Romeo & Juliet by Shakespeare, Kyobo Books

A big bookstore turns into a romantic venue. The guests participate in the games reflecting the main scenes of Romeo & Juliet. The games retell the fateful encounter of Romeo and Juliet and a duel of the two families. A small music concert with the love theme is also prepared. The book store is not only a place to purchase books but a place filled with a performance and a story told through games.

Anna Karenina by Tolstoy, TBWA

Partnered with TBWA, the game asks the players about love, marriage and work with the voice of Tolstoy in Anna Karenina.
“You are married. If a very handsome man approaches you, what will you do?”
“Can you maintain your marriage even though you are not in love anymore?”
“Are you satisfied with your property?”
The players answer 37 questions derived from the conflicts the main characters face in Anna Karenina. The players find the conflicts Anna faces in the book written 200 years ago are universal and remain the same as what they face in the 21st century.

Being Faust – Enter Mephisto, The Goethe Institut

“Being Faust – Enter Mephisto” was developed in cooperation with the Goethe Institut, Korea. The players become Faust and make contracts with MEPHISTO&co. where values and ideals are up for sale. The players sell their friends in order to buy the values and fulfill their desire. The players walk around libraries and theaters to purchase the quotations of Faust. The players have an opportunity to think about what they value in life.
“Being Faust – Enter Mephisto” was played at A.MAZE Festival in Johannesburg, Hong Kong, Prague, Budapest and Vilnius. It is planned to be played in more major cities of Asia and Europe.